Pick from either a Spring/Summer Grab Bag ($30), or a Fall/Winter Grab Bag ($35). Spring/Summer items will be last season items, and Fall/Winter items are from this season and will be perfect for the cold weather we are still having!⠀

Now, the important deets:⠀
🛍 In each grab bag, you will receive 3 items. Plus free shipping! 
🛍 You choose the size and season and we choose the rest! Surprises are so fun!⠀
🛍 Items are final sale. No returns or exchanges will be accepted. ⠀
🛍 If you have purchased from us before we will check your order history to make sure you don’t receive something you’ve already purchased. ⠀
🛍 Email us if you have any questions!


⭐️⭐️ The first 20 orders will receive a FREE accessory! ⭐️⭐️