About Us

Dear Friend,

Welcome! We are so happy you found Market 22 and are choosing to support small business! We’d like to take a minute to tell you about our company, who we are, and where we are headed. 

If you’re from Texas you for sure know about the intense dislike between Texas Tech and Texas A&M, but we are proof that Raiders and Aggies can indeed become friends and even go into business together. It may be surprising, but we had only been friends for a couple of months when we decided to start Market 22. Wild! We both feel so grateful for the friendship we’ve forged over many (and we mean many) late nights of sorting and hanging clothes, packaging shipments, doing taxes, crunching numbers, visioning, and dreaming of how we could delight and encourage our customers and grow our baby business. 

Market 22 came together as an answer to prayer and the Lord has been shaping and growing our intentions for the business along the way. It is our desire to use Market 22 as a platform to inspire women to be confident in their own skin. But our dreams don’t stop there! We have big hopes and dreams for the impact Market 22 can make! 

We both love iced coffee, ice cream, traveling, our husbands, and being mamas (Katie to a sweet baby boy and Stefani to 4 amazing kiddos)! 

Thanks for joining us and helping make this adventure possible. We couldn’t do it without YOU! We hope you look and FEEL amazing in your purchases. 



Stefani & Katie


PS. If you were wondering where the 22 comes from, Katie was a baller in high school and 22 was her jersey number.  And Stefani’s birthday is March 22. It was meant to be! :) 



As a brand, Market 22 aims to encourage confidence in women. While we don’t believe confidence is accomplished through clothing, we do believe that it is a great way to express heart and personality. Our clothing collection is hand-selected to inspire effortless style in women because we know that your time is precious but you still want to look and feel amazing! 

A Market 22 gal doesn’t take herself too seriously. She enjoys life and enjoys great style to match! So, whatever you are doing today, wherever you are, we encourage you to throw on a great outfit and take on the day with confidence!



  • The intersection of good quality and affordability.
  • A blend of classic pieces with a few trendy pieces mixed in. 
  • Feeling confident in what you are wearing. 
  • Running a business with integrity.
  • An encouraged and happy customer.